Superhero science show

Gabby, Gemma and Lilly
Gabby, Gemma and Lilly

On the evening of Thursday 6th February, Dr Matt Pritchard and Glebelands School hosted the final part of its Community Science Week with a fascinating talk on “Superhero Science”.

Over 300 people came to see Dr Pritchard who is an award winning science communicator and Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. He amazed the crowd with tricks and experiments demonstrating the feasibility of superpowers.

He showed how levitation could be achieved with static electricity and how science can be used to create invisibility. He also combined magic tricks that could not be explained such as passing a spoon through a block of metal and correctly predicting a succession of Rock, Paper, Stone contests by the audience, leaving the crowd in amazed wonder.

He discussed the feasibility of types of superheroes feeling that scientifically Batman was a potential reality, however, Superman (controversially) was quite unrealistic. An audience member commented that the show was “an excellent learning opportunity for children and adults together.”

Overall the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and the audience left saying how much fun they had.

We look forward to hosting our next free community evening event at Glebelands School with The Magic of Maths show on Thursday the 8th of May. Details for how to get tickets are on the Glebelands School website.

Report and picture contributed by Mr S Radwanski, Head of Science.