Success for Storrington couple as they win cup at RHS Wisley 2015

Success for Andy and Jenny Fly at RHS Wisley 2015
Success for Andy and Jenny Fly at RHS Wisley 2015

A Storrington couple who belong to the RHS Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Society have enjoyed success at the recent RHS Wisley 2015.

Jenny and Andy Fly decided to enter the Camellia competition for the first time and were thrilled to have one the cup.

Jenny said: “We thought we did not have a lot out in the garden as everything is about two weeks behind this year, but we still managed to win some prizes.”

They also won the following:

n 1st – Spring Foliage – Pittosporum – Irene Paterson

n 1st – Spring Foliage – Sorbaria ‘Sem’

n 1st – Magnolia Spray – Soulangeana

n 1st – Camellia Bloom – Magnoflora

n 1st – Camellia Bloom – Debbie (cup winner)

n 2nd – Conifer Foliage - Cryptomeria Japonica Sekkan

n 2nd – Group of 3 Rhododenron Hybrids – Avalanche, Taurus & Boddaertianum

n 2nd – Camellia Bloom – Unknown

n 3rd – Spring Flowering Shrub – Skimmia Rubella

n 3rd – Camellia Spray – Clarrie Fawcett

n 3rd – Magnolia Spray – Star Wars

n 3rd – Camellia Bloom – Nobilissima

n 3rd – Rhododendron Racemosum x 2 classes

n 4th – Spring Foliage – Aucuba Crotoniflia

n 4th – Camellia Bloom – Little Bit

Jenny added: “We are off to RHS Rosemoor in Devon this week-end. We also have a local show at Ramster, Chiddingfold open to our members of the Wessex Branch in May.

“We are always looking for new members who love these plants, enjoy meeting like-minded people and they will have the chance to visit some beautiful gardens that are not open to the public! It does not matter whether they only have a balcony or small garden.

“Andy has become the chairman of the Wessex branch and our society and others are trying to educate the public on how diverse rhododendrons are and bring them back into fashion. They are not for just big country estates. You can buy miniature ones and some as tall as trees with beautiful flowers.

“They need little maintenance and just require an acidic soil, their roots not to dry out and some dappled shade and they are happy.”

Report and pictures contributed by Jenny and Andy Fly.