Students join campaign to provide education for vulnerable children

Millais students with MP Jeremy Quin SUS-161107-150312001
Millais students with MP Jeremy Quin SUS-161107-150312001

Millais Students have been taking part in a national campaign organised by the charity ‘Send My Friend to School’.

The campaign is asking for world leaders to provide education for children in emergency situations around the world, and has been coordinated by the Millais People and Planet club – a Geography club for year 8 and year 9 students.

Lily Killner, year 8 student, said: “37 million vulnerable children around the world are missing out on education due to conflict, disease and natural disasters.”

As part of the Geographical Association’s ‘Worldwise Week’, KS3 students have been contributing to the campaign by making mini rucksacks in their Geography lessons.

Scarlett Varey from year 9 added: “We’ve decorated our bags with messages to our leaders. We believe that 37 million is a horrific number of children without an education.”

The best rucksacks have been displayed in the main foyer, and Jeremy Quin MP made a special visit to the school on Friday July 1 to meet students and receive the petition.

Posy Chamberlain, a year 8 student in People and Planet club, explains more about the campaign: “We believe this campaign is important because all children have the right to an education. It will help them in their future life; so they can get jobs and provide for their families. It also gives them their freedom back, as they are getting to experience their childhood, and will learn how to make friends, play and socialise.

“If children do not get an education, they may end up in dangerous situations. They could be pressurised to provide money for their families, so they resort to joining the army at a young age, or get a dangerous job. Some might even get involved in crime or prostitution. We think this charity is important because it gives children hope back.”

Jeremy Quin listened carefully to the students as they explained the campaign and promised to discuss the issues with leaders.