Students gain parachute wings

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Students from Christ’s Hospital have earned their cadet force parachute wings after undertaking their first solo jumps.

Twenty-two cadets jumped solo from 3,500 feet after completing training at the Army Parachute Centre, Netheravon.

The cadets underwent an intensive parachuting course to prepare them for the jumps, which included pre-flight checks, aircraft exit drills, landing and how to deal with malfunctions.

Victoria Chandler, an instructor who accompanied the trip, commented: “The cadets were buzzing with excitement and a sense of achievement after completing their jumps.

“The vast hangar was filled with pride and talk of returning to do this all over again.

“The pupils were brimming with enthusiasm about their experiences and potential future endeavours,” she added.

The future of the airborne CCF unit certainly looks bright and congratulations to all who earned their wings!”

The cadets are members of the Combined Cadet Force, which provides leadership, military and adventure training to students at Christ’s Hospital in Year 9 and above.

One hundred and twenty students are members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force sections