Street celebration for Emily’s Trust

Emily at the Norfolk Terrace street party.
Emily at the Norfolk Terrace street party.

The red, white and blue bunting got another airing on Sunday, as residents of Norfolk Terrace, Horsham, reclaimed the streets for the third year running.

The road served as a Royal Wedding street party venue in 2011. In 2012 organisers held another celebration, for the Queen’s Jubilee.

This year, they decided to go for the hat-trick, by arranging a Royal Baby Shower.

Apart from being an excuse to celebrate, the party was also an opportunity to raise money for Emily’s Trust - a charity which helps young people affected by meningitis.

Horsham resident Emily caught meningitis and encephalitis in 2006, leaving her in a coma for six weeks, and requiring a seven month stay in hospital. Her speech and motor skills were badly affected.

Street party attractions included live music, food and drink, a raffle, a skills auction, and children’s games. Emily attended to judge a cake baking contest, with donated cakes being sold for the charity.

The event raised £1,100 - organisers said they were delighted with the amount, which far exceeded their expectations.

Organiser Victoria Duffield said: “We had a wonderful day and the weather was beautiful which made it even better.

“Mostly, we were delighted with how much was raised and by the generosity of all our neighbours and friends. It far exceeded our expectations. We are so pleased to be able to donate to Emily’s Trust which does a wonderful job raising awareness and helping those affected by meningitis.”

Emily said: “I am amazed at how much has been raised, everybody has been so generous. The funds will be put to good use, helping those like me who have been affected by meningitis. I would like to thank everyone involved.”