Storrington Museum is keeping the ball games alive

Some of the exhibits at Storrington Museum
Some of the exhibits at Storrington Museum

A lot of the sporting activities of summer are now over, others plough on regardless!

However Storrington Museum is keeping the ball games alive by putting on an exhibition of the history of such activities functioning in the village of Storrington.

The games covered are:- cricket; bowling; short mat bowling; crocket; stoolball; squash; tennis; carpet bowls; golf; football and even marbles.

I bet you didn’t realise that there was so much going on in Storrington!

The exhibition reflects the early life/commencement of the various activities in Storrington, including the start of the bowling club in 1921 with the local MP, Earl Winton, as the president for 8 years and Lt Colonel Ravenscroft as President from 1929 to 1952, including the war years!

I’ve always assumed that dress becomes more formal as you go back in time but the early members look as if they have just come from working in the fields. Formal wear became established AFTER World War 2 with some relaxation over the last decade.

However Cricket was active much earlier, a Grand Cricket Match being advertised on July 4 & 5, 1800.

Football, in the shape of ‘Storrington Wednesday’, was in full swing in October, 1905, and The Crocket Gazette had a well established programme in 1914.

All in all, an interesting exhibition worth seeing – and it’s free!

Pictured is a view of some of the exhibits.

Exhibition open times:- Wednesday and Saturday, 10 am – 4pm; Sunday, 10am – 1pm,

Location:- Storrington District Museum, Old School rooms, Church Street RH20 4LL.

Report and picture contributed by Storrington Bowling Club.