STORM: Share your photos

The Horsham district was battered by strong winds and heavy rain in the early hours of this morning (Monday October 28).

Trees have fallen in roads around the town centre including Pondtail Road, North Parade and the Causeway.

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Sussex Police had a busy night across the county.

Sadly, a 14-year-old boy who got into difficulties in the sea at Newhaven on Sunday afternoon (October 27) has not been found, but as at 5am, police were unaware of any other serious incident.

Inspector Steve Grace has been monitoring the situation on the roads across the county. “There have been two main problems - surface water and fallen trees,” he said.

“The rain seems to be easing now, but there are large expanses of water on the roads and you just don’t always see them in the dark. Hit one even at moderate speed and you can find yourself completely out of control.

“Fallen trees have blocked roads all over Sussex and as my colleague found out, when one falls right in front of you, there’s no chance of avoiding it. If you have no choice but to drive then please do so with the utmost caution, but if you can stay at home until the worse of it blows through, then I’d recommend you do so.”