Storm after call to halve speed limit of ‘nightmare’ Horsham road

Calls to halve the speed limit on a Horsham ‘rat run’ have sparked debate online.

Friday, 3rd January 2020, 12:46 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd January 2020, 12:46 pm

Readers took to the County Times Facebook page to air their views about cutting the speed limit on Two Mile Ash road after a Tower Hill resident urged West Sussex County Council to drop it from 60mph to ‘30 or 40’.

But a council spokesman said there is a Traffic Regulation Order currently being processed to reduce the speed limit to 30mph, which has faced objections.

Sophie Jones, a Tower Close resident, said on Facebook she agreed ‘100 per cent’ with the move.

Janice Smith - Tower Hill road danger. Janice has to leave the only exit from her property and his just over a foot of space before she's on the blind bend of a busy road, where alot of cars travel too fast. Pic Steve Robards SR23121901 SUS-191223-162810001

She added: “Trying to get out of Tower Close on to Tower Hill is a nightmare.”

Lesley Murphy said: “Definitely needs some kind of traffic calming near to the bend at least.”

Malcolm Eade added: “Two Mile Ash Road from the Boars Head to The Bax Castle has been a nightmare route for far too long.

“We’ve campaigned for a 30mph speed limit ever since we moved here in 1982.”

But many expressed fears that a lower speed limit would be ignored by motorists.

Paul Berry said: “A 30 or 40 limit will only be ignored by a majority of drivers.

“Sadly most drivers seem incapable of judging themselves what speed is legal and safe for the conditions so the only thing that would slow traffic here is traffic calming which would physically force drivers to slow down.

“Do this however and as many people will complain as be in favour.”

Geoff Oborne said: “It’s not the speed limit that’s the issue, it’s the quality of people’s driving that’s the problem.

Peter Watts added: “Speed humps are the only way.”

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