Steyning students lecture new teachers on great learning

The four Steyning students
The four Steyning students

Four Steyning Grammar Year 11 students accompanied head teacher Nick Wergan to Brighton University to deliver a keynote lecture to the university’s new intake of trainee teachers.

Mr Wergan gave the first lecture on what makes a great teacher; he was followed by students Rob Matthews, Beth Murphy, BJ Oladokun and Ryan Alderman who each outlined their views on how teachers can support great learning for students.

All four Steyning students spoke confidently for 10 minutes each followed by a lively questions and answer session.

As a group speaking for in excess of an hour to an audience of over 300 student teachers in lecture theatre style, they confidently gave their honest and reflective advice, giving specific examples of how they had been supported by their teachers.

Each student gave examples of their preferred learning styles and how particular teachers had inspired and motivated them.

They also spoke of how ‘active learning’ had really helped them learn, and that this had played a big part in supporting their overall learning.

The students were also very engaged when teachers thought of interesting ways to involve the use of technology into tasks that they set.

Nick Wergan said: “The students were quite brilliant, their confidence and thoughtfulness inspired a lecture hall full of adults.

“They did the school proud and they were a credit not just to the school but to teenagers everywhere.

“And much though they would not want to hear it, they would make great teachers themselves!”

Andy Davies, senior lecturer of education, Brighton University, and the organiser of the event was thrilled with how the session had gone.

He said: “The University of Brighton student teachers were buzzing about the session and were vocal in their praise for the confidently delivered, insightful and honest perspectives that Beth, BJ, Rob and Ryan shared.

“This session had been the highlight of the students training programme so far, and the four Year 11 students were a credit to Steyning Grammar School.”