Steyning residents vote ‘yes’ on skate park application

Memorial Playing Field in Steyning
Memorial Playing Field in Steyning

Results are in and just over half of voters were in favour of Steyning Parish Council’s skate park application.

The Steyning parish poll held on Wednesday November 27 has revealed that 53.7 per cent of votes cast were in support of building a skate park on the Memorial Playing Field.

A poll of the Local Government Electors of the Parish of Steyning was taken on the question: ‘Do you want Steyning Parish Council to provide a skatepark in the Memorial Playing Field, incorporating the existing asphalt strip, located near the Rublees Allotments boundary?’

The results were as follows: 816 voters said ‘yes’ at 53.7 per cent, and 703 votes said ‘no’ at 46.3 per cent - just a difference of 113 votes.

The overall turnout was 32.08 per cent of registered Steyning residents.

For more information on the parish poll or electoral registration, please contact Horsham District Council on 01403 215126 or email