Steyning Grammar students experience world travel

Steyning Grammar students experience world travel
Steyning Grammar students experience world travel
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Steyning Grammar School launches its first project based learning event with an international theme.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

During a school trip last year, a year 7 student asked Mrs Clear, Director of KS3, this question. What the Year 7 student didn’t know was that her question would become the basis for the very first Project Based Learning (PBL) task.

Sarah Pilling, Assistant Headteacher and Director of Learning explains that ‘Project Based Learning enables students to explore real-world problems and challenges; they present these to live, often external, audiences and each project begins with a launch event - that launch event took place today’.

For two hours students were immersed in a whistle stop tour of 17 countries including the Caribbean, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, America, Peru and even sailing on a Cruise Ship.

At each venue the students had a five minute taster of why one of our Key Stage 3 team would live there if they could.

The activities included crepes and pétanque in France, athletics in Jamaica, golf in Scotland, a BBQ in Australia and mocktail making in Hawaii.

It was great to see the students throw themselves into Irish dancing and the New Zealand Haka.

Sarah comments ‘We are really looking forward to our Year 7 students independently researching, planning and organising a creative presentation of their own about where in the world they would like to live and why following this interactive taster’.

This is part of Steyning Grammar’s commitment to embedding learning and life skills in addition to subject excellence. A mixture of collaborative and individual work, decision making, risk taking and increasing their resilience will ensure that they are ready for the challenges of the 21st century workplace. The students and staff at Church Street had a great time and are looking forward to embarking upon their first project.