Stay safe in the snow warn police

As snow moves across the county, Sussex Police is offering advice on how to stay safe.

Superintendent Grenville Wilson of Sussex Police’s Operations Department said: “As snow starts to affect the county Sussex Police is working closely with its partner agencies to ensure there is as little disruption as possible.

“Drivers are reminded to check the weather forecast for the entire length of your journey before setting out and only make a journey if absolutely necessary.

“Completely clear your windscreen of ice and snow before driving and check that your vehicle’s lights are working.

“Carry an emergency pack in your boot - a first aid kit, torch, blanket, food and drink, a tow rope and shovel could all come in useful if you do find yourself getting stuck. Also make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone and water proof shoes.

“When driving in snow and ice you will need to change the way you drive. Your vehicle will not start, stop or steer in the same way it usually does. Stopping distances are greatly increased in icy conditions, so slow down and keep a bigger distance between you and the vehicle in front. Brake or accelerate carefully and gradually, and take corners very slowly.

“Pedestrians and cyclists should also ensure they have high visibility clothing to ensure they are seen by drivers.

“As it is unclear how long the cold weather is going to last we would remind people to check on their more vulnerable neighbours to ensure they are safe and warm.”

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