Stay safe during Italy match, says SECAmb

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Paramedics are braced for extra calls during England’s quarter-final today.

South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) expects extra calls during major sporting events.

Between 6pm and midnight on the night of the England v Sweden match the service had 650 calls - up from 547 in the same period the previous Friday.

SECAmb is urging everyone to ensure the hopeful celebrations are not spoilt by a trip in an ambulance and to hospital which could have been avoided.

If people are drinking alcohol SECAmb asks that they are sensible and also drink water and eat.

By looking out for friends and planning their evening people can lessen their chances of having to call an ambulance.

SECAmb always plans ahead to manage demand around potentially busy periods but is asking supporters to avoid scoring an own goal by following these simple measures.

Andy Cashman, head of contingency, planning and resilience at SECAmb said: “As always, we have robust plans in place to manage any increase in demand but people can support us as well as the players by using their common sense to avoid any unnecessary trips to A&E.

“If people choose to consume alcohol they should also ensure they also drink plenty of water.

“We obviously don’t want to stop people having a good time but we do ask that they are sensible and think about the impact of their actions.”