Spring delayed in Horsham - both sides of the Atlantic!

Storm clouds
Storm clouds

While the Horsham district waits for some dry and sunny spring weather to finally arrive, it appears we are not alone.

Horsham’s namesake in Philadelphia USA is having exactly the same problem.

With spring temperatures set to dip down to freezing once more this weekend in the UK, Horsham PA is currently struggling under overcast skies and a wind chill factor of minus 3 degC.

This time last year Horsham UK was enjoying balmy days with temperatures in the high teens - the same as Horsham USA.

Residents of both towns can sympathise with one Horsham PA resident who tweeted yesterday: “Where the hell is spring?”

Back here in the UK, the expected heavy rain stayed clear of the Horsham district early today (Friday March 22).

However, tomorrow is expected to be very wet with lots of showers, turning to sleet late in the day.

The next few days are likely to be overcast with gusting winds making temperatures feel like up to minus 6degc.