Spend Christmas with others

THERE is still space to spend Christmas Day with others at the Salvation Army centre in Horsham this year.

As the County Times Caring at Christmas Campaign draws to a close, there is still a chance for anyone on their own this year to have a free Christmas meal at the charity’s Horsham branch in Booth Way.

Captain Ian Woodgate said: “Christmas Day still is open to everyone at the Salvation Army. Whether you are on your own, whatever age - young or older - for couples on their own, families who might be struggling.

“Children are very welcome with their parents. This is a big family day. We still want to be reaching those we have not been able to, and feel there must be more who would benefit from this free day.

“We do value people registering before hand. Transportation can be provided as well.”

The days starts at about 10.30am with a carol service with the regular members of the church. Then lunch is served and everyone has a chance to socialise.

People will stay at the centre until about 3pm and then volunteers will prepare a small food parcel to take home.

Anyone who would like to spend Christmas Day with others or who knows anyone who might be alone this Christmas, is urged to call captains Ian or Sue Woodgate at the Horsham centre on 01403 254624.