Speakers Club mark silver anniversary

Horsham Speakers celebrating 25 years SUS-140620-143100001
Horsham Speakers celebrating 25 years SUS-140620-143100001

Horsham Speakers Club marked its 25th Birthday with a Silver Anniversary Dinner and a celebration Birthday Cake.

The Speakers Club was founded 25 years ago by Jim Johnston, who worked in the District Council’s Surveying Department.

Before coming to Horsham, he had experienced for himself the career and social benefits of speakers clubs in his native Scotland.

For its first 15 years, the club held its regular meetings at the Ye Olde Kings Head Hotel, located in the Carfax. It gained its Charter as a member club of the Association of Speakers Clubs in 1995,and since inception has been of great help to many citizens and businesses in the town.

The club’s Founder, Jim Johnston, also contributed to the town’s life by founding Horsham District’s ‘Fanfare Arts Festival’ and the local Muse & Music Society.

Nowadays Horsham Speakers Club ( www.horshamspeakersclub.org.uk ) continues to meet twice monthly in the Tythe Barn in Pondtail Road, Horsham.

As well as building their skill and confidence by practising both prepared talks and impromptu ‘off-the-cuff’ speaking, members and visitors enjoy other programme items too.

For instance recent programmes have included a formal debate, a dinner with after-dinner speeches, and taking the counsel and witness roles in the ‘Mock Trial of Goldilocks’ who was charged with breaking and entering the house of a certain Mr and Mrs Bear!

Chris Hindle, President, stated: “Joining your local speakers club is easily the best way of conquering your fears and developing your effective speaking skills, and of doing this in entertaining and supportive company.

“We are proud of the great help that the Club has given to the people of Horsham for so many years, and look forward to a successful future. Do please come along and share the enjoyment and benefit with us.”

Report and picture contributed by Maralyn Thomas.