Southwater time capsule placed in Londis store

Nim Shingadia is pictured with children from Castlewood and members of the community placing the time capsule in the cellar SUS-140704-122158001
Nim Shingadia is pictured with children from Castlewood and members of the community placing the time capsule in the cellar SUS-140704-122158001

Children from Castlewood School and Holy Innocents nursery placed a time capsule in the cellar below the Londis store in Southwater on Tuesday morning (April 1).

The idea to place the time capsule in the cellar was first proposed by Christine Webb and Debbie Shuff, employees of Londis, as part of the opportunity to do something for the village during the refurbishment and opening of the new store in the village.

Londis Southwater is currently undergoing a major extension and refit of the store to enable the store to relocate the village Post office.

It also gave a great opportunity to upgrade and modernise the store to meet the needs of the expanding village and community. Building works commenced last October and the final store and Post office is due to open later part of next week.

Alpesh Shingadia, manager and son of the current proprietors, Nim and Ramesh Shingadia commented: “Chris and Debbie came out with the idea of the time capsule that we thought was brilliant.

2We have a number of ideas for the store opening including fund raising for the community which we will pursue, but the time capsule gave us the opportunity to capture the history and mood of the village at this present moment and place it in the capsule to be opened in some 50 years’ time,” he continued.

“The cellar below the store has been there for over some 80 years and was used in the old days to keep meat and other products cool. There was a ladder that led into the cellar from the store.

“There are still the larders and the storage cupboards from the old days in the cellar, albeit now falling to bits. With the new store, the cellar will be partly filled and then closed, cemented on top and tiled and closed for posterity. Chris and the store launch members went around the village collecting items that could be placed in the capsule.”

He added: “We had items from the school, nursery, and retailers in Lintot Square, the Parish Council and the Church. Quiet moving. We have suggested opening the capsule in some 50 years’ time. It was quite funny when one of the infants remarked that he will be 58 years old then, wow!”

Nim and Ramesh Shingadia have been operating form the store for over 31 years and the relocating of the Post office will be the latest chapter to what has been a successful and award winning store for the village

Nim Shingadia commented: “It was quite touching to see the time capsule placed. Fifty years seems a long time before the capsule is opened, but we have been here for 31 year and it just seems like yesterday.

“We have been very fortunate to have had a lovely village and community that we have had the opportunity to serve over the years and would not have swapped for any other place. We look to the opening of the new store and Post office and to continue to serve the village”

LondisSouthwater and Post Office are holding a grand celebration on the new date of Saturday, 26th April to celebrate the launch. It includes a fun day with bouncy castle, face painting, raffles and other charity events. Watch out for further details.

Report and picture contributed by Ramesh Shingadia, LondisSouthwater.