Southwater man running with Olympic torch

Nick Nuttal who is running with the Olympic torch in Southampton.
Nick Nuttal who is running with the Olympic torch in Southampton.
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A United Nations environmentalist from Southwater has said he is honoured to be running with the Olympic torch but has spoken of disappointment after witnessing an underlying preoccupation with money.

Nick Nuttall, 54, a spokesperson for United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), feels privileged that he has been invited to carry the torch in Southampton on July 14 but after working for years assisting Olympic host cities to make the games more environmentally friendly he was disappointed by a sign that money is still at the forefront of many minds.

“I’m extremely delighted to be running with the torch. Hopefully it might make those watching look a little closer at the great work London has done to green the games and the importance of the environment to all our lives. I was rather surprised to receive an email providing me with an Olympic Torch ‘special offer’.”

The email from London2012 said that for a short time Nick had the chance to buy an Olympic Torch at a subsidised price meaning which would allow him to purchase his torch at one of the lowest prices of recent Games. The father of three said this came as a shock after he has worked so hard with with international olympic committee to make the games environmentally friendly.

“I did feel that the honour and the privilege of running with the torch was somewhat blunted by the offer,” he explained. “It’s just a shame that everything has to boil down to special offers.”