Southwater girl sacrifices trademark hair for charity

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A six-year-old girl known for her long blonde hair has donated some of her locks to charity and raised hundreds of pounds.

Saffron Butterfill, of Horsham, has given some of her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides real-hair wigs to children that have lost their hair through cancer treatment or illness.

Saffron Butterfill has donated her hair to charity

Saffron Butterfill has donated her hair to charity

She has also raised hundreds of pounds for the charity following the haircut on Wednesday March 18.

Mum Nadine, 31, said: “I saw a video on Facebook of a girl donating her hair, I showed Saffron and she said ‘I want to do that’, and that was it really.

“Once she understood where her hair was going and it was being made into a wig to help other children she was really excited.

“I thought if we donate her hair we may as well try to raise some money at the same time.”

Saffron was ‘really calm’ when she had the trim, Nadine said, and was simply excited that another child would be able to benefit.

Nadine said: “She kept talking to me about getting her hair cut, it was really long She has always had very long, blonde hair.”

And her mum revealed that Saffron is a big fan of her new look.

Nadine said: “She loves it, really likes it. Hopefully she will still like it in a couple of weeks!”

The family set up an online donation page with a target to raise £200 - a goal that was easily achieved.

Nadine added: “I was expecting maybe £200 maximum but we have raised a lot more.

“In 24 hours I think it raised just over £400 from setting it up so I was really shocked.”

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