Southern Water keep restrictions under review

CONNORS Brighton 01273 486851 'Picture by Darren Cool
CONNORS Brighton 01273 486851 'Picture by Darren Cool

Southern Water will continue to review the need for water restrictions after a wet Jubilee weekend continued to keep demand for water down.

The rainfall over the weekend meant that the increase in water use expected in the popular seaside towns did not occur and reservoir and river flows received a welcome boost.

It follows the April downpours, which put water resources across the South East in a stronger position.

However, some underground sources, which provide the majority of the water for the region, remain below average for this time of year as they recover from two exceptionally dry winters.

Southern Water get 70 per cent of their supplies from chalk aquifers underground.

The situation continues to be closely monitored as another hot spell is likely to see demand for water increase by a third as people make the most of the sunshine.

Meyrick Gough, water quality and strategy manager said: “The wet weather helps reservoirs and river levels but importantly it helps keep gardens watered and water butts topped up. This, together with the great efforts our customers are making to use water wisely means that demand is lower that we would expect at this time of year, which helps preserve water resources.”

Southern Water’s temporary restrictions, primarily a hosepipe and sprinkler ban, on water use in Kent and Sussex remain in place, although the company has granted an exception for gardening businesses and their clients, who can water newly-laid turf, trees, flowers and shrubs for 28 days after planting.

The company, which says it has reduced leakage to an all-time low, is continually monitoring the resource situation and the restrictions remain under review.

Mr Meyrick added: “We don’t want to keep restrictions in place any longer than we have to and the recent wet weather and drop in demand means that it may be possible, depending on the weather and demand for water during the coming month, to lift them much sooner than we expected.

“We will keep customers updated on the situation and I thank them for their continued support.”

Southern Water’s largest reservoir Bewl Water is now nearly 80 per cent full – almost double the level earlier this year – after the company pumped in water from the River Medway during the heavy rain.