Solution to reduce your electricity bills in the Horsham district


Environmentally conscious residents can now borrow an electricity monitor from all the libraries within the Horsham District and help reduce the cost of their electricity bills.

The monitors can track electricity use over a day, week or month and indicate how much various appliances cost to run.

By identifying the appliances with the highest running costs, residents can then adjust how often they are used and save money, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Horsham District Council is working with West Sussex County Council to make this scheme available to residents.

The service has been trialled in Horsham Library over the past few months and is now being rolled out to include all the libraries within the Horsham District.

This is being funded by Horsham District Council.

The electricity monitor model that is available to borrow has been rigorously tested by consumer champion Which? and it was awarded the Which? “Best Buy” status.

Andrew Baldwin, Horsham District Council’s cabinet member for the environment, is championing this new service and said: “Many people are feeling a squeeze on their living standards with utility bills in particular increasing a lot more than inflation.

“In a bid to help residents cut unnecessary energy use, lower carbon dioxide emissions and save money, Horsham District Council is making energy monitors available for loan.

“Energy monitors allow the user to see how much energy is being used at any one time and see how much it is costing. The loan scheme is designed to help residents gain this vital information without having to invest in meters, which are not needed after the first few weeks.”

Lionel Barnard, West Sussex County Council’s cabinet member for residents’ services, which includes libraries, said: “Libraries have always been a community resource, and that is something we are keen to develop.

“Fuel bills are a worry for many people, and a critical part of many household budgets. I hope people will take advantage of this offer, and save money.”

For more information about borrowing the electricity monitors, please contact Horsham District Council by emailing or call 01403 215281.