Society urges residents to join bid to protect fields

THE HORSHAM Society is inviting people to join them to protect land around Chesworth Farm from being developed.

The society has been working with Forest Neighbourhood Council and Horsham District Council to set up a Friends of Chesworth organisation, which aims to ensure Chesworth Farm does not become a prime building site.

The district council is currently considering plans submitted by West Sussex County Council for 70 homes to be built on Muggeridge Field, land south of Athelstan Way.

Although this is not part of the Chesworth Farm site, the Horsham Society has said in its response to the plans that to ‘all intents and purposes the field has been treated as an integral part of the Chesworth Farm country park’.

The society highlights the farm’s own management plan which states: “Although this field is owned by West Sussex County Council, it forms part of a circular walk used by some visitors and management input is sometimes necessary.

“Past management has included stopping motorcyclists and quad-bikers and removal of dangerous barbed wire. The field receives a summer hay cut.”

The Friends of Chesworth Farm will meet for the first time on April 11 at 7pm in the Drill Hall in Denne Road, Horsham.

The Horsham Society is inviting anyone who wants this ‘vital amenity that should be protected’ to come along.

For more information contact the society’s chairman David Moore on