Society’s history day exhibition to honour Cowfold war heroes

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Cowfold Village History Society is delighted to announce they will be holding their third village history day on Saturday September 19 in the Victorian Village Hall at the heart of the village from 10.30am-5.30pm.

Cowfold and The Great War is an exhibition of the brave men who fought in World War One, and is part of a project to identify over 130 men who left the village for ‘King and Country’.

The exhibition will provide an opportunity for the public to explore biographies of the men.

There will be displays that place them in the context of the village they left behind, giving an insight into their families and lives, plus illustrations of what life was like in an early 20th Century rural 
English village.

Bob Farren, Cowfold Village History Society President says:“One hundred years has passed and yet it is important to commemorate the lives of the men and their families for whom the Great War changed everything.

“This event brings to life the characters so that we may remember them.”

The event will also feature West Sussex Record Office’s ’Great War West Sussex Travelling Display’.

Cowfold Village History Society is thrilled to announce they will also be launching at the exhibition, their first published book, ‘Cowfold: The History of a Sussex Village’ by Michael Burt.

Report contributed by Sue Crofts.