Slimmers donate clothes to charity

Sharon and Claire ready to go to Cancer Research UK
Sharon and Claire ready to go to Cancer Research UK

Caring members of the Ashington, Storrington and Pulborough Slimming World groups have collected 150 bags worth of clothes they’ve successfully slimmed out of to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Claire and Sharon, who run the Ashington, Pulborough & Storrington Slimming World groups encouraged members, their friends and families to spring-clean their wardrobes and collect the clothes, shoes and accessories they’ve successfully slimmed out of to generate valuable stock for the Horsham Cancer Research UK shop.

Last year Slimming World’s Big Clothes Throw raised £1.7m for Cancer Research UK, and this year the organisation aims to raise £2m for the charity.

With each bag worth up to £25, Claire & Sharon hope the contribution from their groups will help to reach that total.

Claire says: “The incredible members of the groups have amazed me with their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment once again!

“This year’s Big Clothes Throw has been a fantastic success, and I can’t believe just how many bags the members, their friends and families have managed to collect for Cancer Research UK.

“With each bag worth £25, we’ve raised £3750! It’s been so rewarding and I’m so proud to help pull together such a phenomenal amount of stock for such a worthwhile cause.

“Knowing they’ll never need their ‘before’ clothes again, when I told my group about the campaign they couldn’t wait to take part.

“Not only is the Clothes Throw a perfect opportunity for all of us to celebrate our slimming success, it is also vital we spread the message that keeping a healthy weight could reduce the risk of developing ten different types of cancer.

“This is why Slimming World chose Cancer Research UK as our national charity partner. We really hope our bag collection will help to increase understanding of how weight affects cancer risk.

“My group sessions are always buzzing and when we collected the bags up the atmosphere was incredible.

“My members have seen stunning weight losses simply by making small changes to the way they shop, cook and eat, and by taking steps to become more active.

“But the best thing about our group is the caring support members give to each other, spurring each other along and sharing recipes and tips every week.”

Gloria, a member who has lost three stone and dropped from a dress size 18 to 12, says: “It felt really liberating to donate all my old clothes.

“I actually enjoyed bagging them up and saying goodbye – it felt like I was saying bye to the old me!

“I’ve lost three stone and now I absolutely love going into a shop and choosing whatever I like, I always hated shopping before.

“Thanks to Slimming World I know that the new me is here to stay.

“I feel so much fitter, more confident and I’m healthier than ever too. It’s great to know that the money raised from my donated items will go towards research to find better ways to treat cancer.”

Anyone who’d like to lose weight and join Slimming World is welcome at the groups, which meets every week:

n Saturdays at St Mary’s Primary School, Pulborough at 8:30am & 10:30am with Sharon,

n Mondays at Rydon Community College, Storrington at 7:30pm with Claire

n Tuesdays at Ashington Scout Hut, Ashington at 9:30am with Claire

n Tuesdays at Rydon Community College, Storrington at 5:30pm & 7:30pm with Claire.

For more information call Sharon on 07813 133 669 or Claire on 07881 627 285.

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