Sleepy staff support Born Free

sleepy staff
sleepy staff

Staff at the Horsham office of international wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation embraced ‘Big Cat Nap’ week with a “wear your pyjamas to work” day on Tuesday.

From July 2 to 8, Born Free is urging people to “do nothing for charity” in order to raise awareness of their Big Cat Projects.

Apart from dressing down at the office, the Horsham staff have also been joining the many sedentary supporters on Twitter and Facebook who have posted photos of their own napping cats.

The best photo will be chosen to advertise Big Cat Nap week 2013.

The project is designed to spread the word about threatened big cat species worldwide as part of Born Free’s important work to ‘keep wildlife in the wild’.

The charity protects big cats in the wild as well as assisting in the daily care of those rescued from captive conditions, who all now live in the Born Free sanctuary in South Africa.

However, many more are still in need of protection, and, through initiatives such as the Big Cat Nap, other endangered animals can also be saved.

Joanne Bartholomew, event co-ordinator and fundraiser, said: “The aim of the week is to draw people’s attention to big cat species around the world which are under threat.

“The more people that know about our projects, the more chance we have of protecting vulnerable animals. There’s still time to get involved, so have a break and spread the word!”

Contributed by the Born Free Foundation.