Sister’s inspiration to sew life back together

Hannah Goring has started her own business catering to people's sewing needs
Hannah Goring has started her own business catering to people's sewing needs

A woman has stitched her life back together by setting up her own sewing service after being inspired by her twin’s business know how.

Hannah Goring, 26, from Beaumont Square, Cranleigh, is proud to finally be running her own trade called Lulu Sews after losing her dream career six years ago and struggling to find a job as a single mother.

She recalled: “I had a career as an air hostess which was my dream and I loved it but when I fell pregnant with Zak I had to leave.”

After becoming a single parent, Hannah could only find part-time work as employers told her she lacked experience, causing her self-confidence to sink.

“I spent six years of my life not working. It was annoying being unable to find work because I felt useless not bringing in any income.”

“Then I moved to Cranleigh about five years ago and I started working at the Three Horseshoes pub. I met loads of new people who gave me confidence and that’s where I met Gino.”

Gino Taiani, who’s now Hannah’s fiance, has always encouraged Hannah to follow her dreams, not least when her identical twin, Laura, began running her own home ware and gifts shop, ‘Vintage Barn’, one year ago.

Laura, of Kings Road, has explained that even though she is only five minutes older, she has always been known as ‘the older one’. She said: “I think Hannah saw my passion for what I was doing and thought ‘I want some of that for myself’.

“I’m glad she has because she makes things and she doesn’t think they’re that great but they’re amazing.”

Gino convinced Hannah to set up her own business, by building her very own studio in their garage which she started using six weeks ago. Hannah said Gino has been her rock in this business venture.

“He’s believed in me and what I can do and helped me. He’s a star,” she said.“I had watched Laura set up her business and I had Gino telling me I could do something myself so it was scary but I did it and I’m proud of myself.”

Now the happy couple have a 17-month-old daughter, Sosia, as well as Hannah’s six-year-old son, Zak, but Hannah said that hasn’t stopped her from expanding the business.

“It’s great to finally be earning my own money,” she said. “Everything I earn will probably go towards our wedding.”

But the job isn’t only financially fulfilling.

“One job I have done recently was for an old lady who had been ill with cancer and lost lots of weight and only had one outfit left that fitted her so I took in about five skirts for her.”

Hannah still says that Laura is the one with the business head and Laura doesn’t deny that she works extremely hard holding down a full time job on top of her shabby chic gift shop but she also believes her twin has helped her in her venture.

“I’m a workaholic,” Laura confessed. “I can’t sit down for more than five minutes.

“The first local fair I had a stall at was at Park Mead which was Hannah’s idea as that’s where her son went to school.”

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