Silver brooch from the 13th century

The silver brooch, somewhat tarnished
The silver brooch, somewhat tarnished

A silver brooch, found in a field near Cowfold, has been dated to the 13th century, an inquest heard.

The medieval silver brooch was discovered by a metal detectorist last year and was handed over to a British Museum expert.

An inquest in Horsham on Tuesday heard that the 26mm diameter brooch was found by Frank Kurzeja, buried in a field belonging to Peter Curtis.

Coroner’s officer Jemma Cullen told the inquest that Mr Kurzeja is an experienced detectorist, and knew that the area he was searching included old footpaths and the remains of medieval buildings. He found a weak signal and, digging down, found the brooch eight to ten inches underground.

It was examined by James Robinson, curator of late medieval collections at the British Museum.

His report described it as: “A medieval brooch consisting of a circular frame and pin. Half of the frame is twisted, with punched decoration within each twist.

“The other half is left plain. The pin tapers to a point and has a collar close to the attachment loop. This collar is also decorated with small circular punches.”

West Sussex assistant deputy coroner Mike Kendall ruled that the brooch qualifies as treasure.