Sign improvements on the way - but no speed limit change

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Latest news

Safety improvements are to be made on the fast-moving A283 bypass outside Steyning, following pressure from the parish council.

There have been increasing concerns about dangers at the junction of the bypass with Canons Way, which leads into the town’s Gatewick Farm estate.

County councillor for Steyning Derek Deedman had raised the issues with the county council on behalf of the parish.

He said: “Traffic has increased greatly, especially during rush hours, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross the road and for vehicles to exit from the junctions.”

Following a recent site meeting between residents, various councillors and officers from West Sussex County Council, the parish council said that West Sussex County Council had responded very positively.

Parish council chairman David Barling said: “Minor improvements to the Canons Way Junction with the A283 bypass are now envisaged, and plans have been drawn up. They include some new warning signs and cutting back vegetation on the south side, so that cars turning left off the bypass into Canons Way will have better visibility.”

But he added that residents were disappointed to learn that it was unlikely that the speed limit on the A283 would be reduced.

“Nevertheless, this represents a positive step forward in the campaign which the parish council has been conducting in conjunction with local residents to get some additional safety measures implemented.”