Shy guy with a bit of spare time embarrassed by winning award

JPCT-12-10-11 S11420152a west sussex county times, community awards 2011, horsham,  best fundraiser  -photo by steve cobb
JPCT-12-10-11 S11420152a west sussex county times, community awards 2011, horsham, best fundraiser -photo by steve cobb

The winner of last year’s Best Fundraiser award has been praised by fellow Rotarians as a man who raised the profile of the Horsham Rotary.

Fanatical fundraiser John Le Rossignol was last year awarded the title of ‘best fundraiser’ for his tireless charity work at our Community Awards.

Richard Walter, past president of Horsham Rotary, praised John for the numerous community projects he has initiated, including the annual Kidz Stuff festival.

Mr Walter has looked back at the ceremony at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham, and how it felt to present his Rotary partner and close friend, with an award. “John’s a personal friend of mine and he has, in many ways, been the engine of the Rotary Club and raised an enormous amount of money.”

Mr Walker said John has been given several awards at the Rotary club but he wasn’t used to this scale of recognition after only joining the club because he had ‘some time on his hands’.

“He’s a shy person receiving awards, so when he came up for the award he was quite embarrassed.

“He had time on his hands and was new to the area, so he just got himself very very involved and not only raised money but also raised the profile of the Rotary Club in Horsham because he meets so many new people and finds out everything that’s going on.

“There’s a lot of great people in Horsham that do some very good jobs that are partly unrecognised by people outside their circles but should be recognised for going full speed ahead.”

More than 20 passionate individuals, committed community groups and organisations were recognised at last year’s Awards -all of whom were nominated by the readership of the County Times.

Nominations are now sought for this year’s event in categories as diverse as Outstanding Teacher, Best Healthworker, Volunteer of the Year, and the 999 Award which recognises members of the emergency services, plus - new for 2012 - a Care for Animals award.

Those who make nominations which are shortlisted receive complimentary tickets to the emotional and heartwarming ceremony, held in association with Horsham District Council at the Capitol.

Rotarian Peter Lake said John would have greatly appreciated the award.

“Some people say we are joined at the hip, we have worked on so much together.

“He is one of the most hard working people in Horsham just trying to make awareness.”