Showhomes at Durrants Village, Faygate, opened by Horsham MP

The showhomes at Durrants Village, on the site of Agate’s Yard, Faygate, were offically opened by Horsham MP Francis Maude on Friday.

“As somebody who’s now rapidly approaching my own diamond jubilee - in two months’ time - it’s something I’m particularly interested in,” he joked.

He said the UK’s ageing population is a well-known issue, but added: “People talk about it like it’s a problem.

“I think it’s a good thing, and I plan to be around annoying people for a long time to come.”

He congratulated Bill Gair, chief executive of property developer Urban Renaissance Villages, and his team on the extremely high quality of the scheme.

He added how welcome it will be to the Horsham community where people are living longer, remaining healthier and wanting to make the most of their retirement years.

The site will have two- and three-bedroom cottages and two bedroom apartments, all to be set in 30 acres of landscaped grounds with a clubhouse, fitness centre, pool, gym, library, medical centre, games room, meeting room, bar and restaurant at the heart of the development.

Agate’s Yard has a long history of industrial use.

In the Second World War, it was used for dismantling damaged aircraft. more recently, it has housed a sawmill and been used as a manufacturing site.

The developers have planning permission for 148 retirement homes - planning restrictions require residents to be aged at least 55, although they expect the typical age to be mid-70s.

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