Shoppers in Horsham set for Back to the Future treat

The DeLorean pictured in Crawley
The DeLorean pictured in Crawley

Horsham shoppers will soon be able to go Back to the Future with a replica of Doc Brown’s famous DeLorean time machine.

Swan Walk Shopping Centre will host the iconic vehicle from the Hollywood movie near the swan mosaic on Saturday February 7, where shoppers will be able to take photos with the famous car.

The display celebrates the year that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to the future to find the people of 2015 wearing self-tying shoes and riding hover boards.

Estate agent Zoom995 is behind the visits and director Stuart Robinson said: “What might sound like a mad idea now could be the next big thing in 50 years.

“No one thought that the future of estate agents would be online, but the fact is that it’s happening and for the simple reason that it’s quick, easy and a fraction of the cost.”