Shipley animal therapists to help Gambian farmers

Clare Holmes treating a horse
Clare Holmes treating a horse

Two Shipley-based animal therapists have been invited to help Gambian farmers with their horses and donkeys.

Julia Robertson, founder of Galen Therapy Centre, and colleague Clare Holmes are flying to the West African country to treat badly handled or undernourished animals.

The pair will travel with Heather Armstong, of Ockley, head of The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust and spend a week treating animals at the trust before heading out with mobile veterinary clinics.

They will join around 200 VIPS including vets from British universities, other charities and Gambian dignitaries for trust’s annual show next Saturday (November 30).

Julia said: “I am really looking forward to helping the farmers understand their animals’ injuries due to their workload and the methods we use to ease that tension.

“We hope we can make a real difference to their horses and donkeys and therefore to the farmers and their families.”

After seeing Julia cure one of her dogs, Heather said: “I am very keen to encourage the use of complementary techniques in The Gambia.

“We educate people to treat their animals with what is available to them and this has proved to be very successful.”

The centre specialises in treating dogs, but the pair will apply their experience treating horses and expertise in hands-on therapy to ease equine tension and muscle pains.

For more information, visit their website.