Shed Seven - Oomazing!

COUNTY Times reporter Annette Johnson reviews Friday's music spectacular in Horsham Park, featureing Shed Seven, King Adora and local band, Oom

FANTASTIC entertainment, an incredible stage and a really good atmosphere it's just a shame not more people turned out on Friday for the spectacular Music in Horsham Park.Those who braved the temperamental weather conditions were treated to a thrilling evening of live music provided by chart-toppers Shed Seven, punk band King Adora and Horsham battle of the band winners Oom.And it was Oom who got the evening off to a flying start, blasting out a fantastic set. Debbie Clare gave a great performance on vocals and her funky dancing also proved a hit with the crowd. With some brilliant new samples and innovative tracks, Oom whipped the crowd into a frenzy before making way for Birmingham's King Adora.One of the up and coming Brit bands, King Adora made a big impact with their huge rock sound, incisive lyrics and an explosive performance.Vocalist Matt "Maxi" Browne was a picture of glamour with his eyeliner, and could become a real star, as he possesses a wonderful schizophrenic voice, which is backed up by the band's ability to produce some genuinely excellent songs.This entertaining performance will have definitely won them more fans.Although the support acts were terrific, there was no doubt that most of the crowd had turned out to see chart toppers Shed Seven, who were welcomed to the stage with a roar from the audience.

LOCAL sensation. Oom's Debbie Clare entertains the crowd with a range of fantastic vocals.The guitar band was born in the early '90s out of a love for the Stone Roses and Indie music, and ever since the York residents have bagged 13 top 40 hits including Going for Gold and Disco Down.The band belted out track after track to an eager audience, from It's Getting Better All The Time, to the head-spinning riot of On Standby and the thoughtful ballad Chasing Rainbows.And as well as performing their own material, Shed Seven produced a creditable cover version of Blondie's One Way or Another, which got everyone dancing and singing.Along with his fine performance, singer Rick Witter also entertained the crowd with his lively banter. "Is this the population of Horsham?" he asked, as he looked out at the audience.And there was good news for Shed Seven fans Rick announced the band was currently recording new material.In all, Shed Seven's live performance proved a hit with the audience thanks to the combination of Witter's magnanimous vocals and great music. It provided a fantastic evening of feel-good Indie pop, which came to a close with the eagerly awaited Going for Gold.Thanks must go to Horsham District Council for staging such a great event. Here's to next year!

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B-OOMING sounds. Ed Chivers from Oom works his magic.