Share your quirky garden features with County Times’ newest reporter

JPCT 051012 County Times reporter tries a topiary sofa in Roffey. Photo by Derek Martin
JPCT 051012 County Times reporter tries a topiary sofa in Roffey. Photo by Derek Martin

Jasmin Martin, the County Times’ newest reporter, spotted some interesting topiary on one of her first forays into the patch.

“Comfortably situated on a complementary striped carpet of grass, the perfectly shaped hedge-made sofa adds a real homely feel to this Roffey garden.

Walking up the pathway of the Crawley Road property to investigate further, I bumped into homeowner of 20 years, Sandy Hunt, who explained a little bit about the unusual feature.

She said: “We started growing the hedges probably around ten years ago. The sofa has a slate seat and my husband, Adrian, trimmed it but we had no real reason for it. We just liked the idea, it’s different.”

A magnificent cherry tree drapes over the topiary making it an unusual but superb focal point of the garden.

But it’s not just my attention that has been caught by the wonderful piece.

Sandy said: “We get a lot of strangers trying to take pictures of it as they walk past. It’s really funny”

Sandy then proceeded to take me into the back garden to show me some other quirky crafts made by her husband.

I saw what appeared to be a wooden sculpture of a lady, faces made out of some form of metal that overlooked the pond and interesting designs hidden among the greenery in almost every corner.

Before leaving, I couldn’t resist having my picture taken on the unique seat and asked if other pieces of furniture may make an appearance in the near future.

Sandy said: “We don’t have any plans just yet. It would be a nightmare when trying to mow the lawn!”

Any weird and wonderful features in your garden? Email your pictures to jasmin.martin