Selfies into ‘shelfies’ for World Book Day

Southwater Junior Acedemy turn selfies into 'shelfies' SUS-140205-145247001
Southwater Junior Acedemy turn selfies into 'shelfies' SUS-140205-145247001

World Book Day is an annual celebration of authors, illustrators, books, and most importantly, a celebration of reading.

In fact it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, backed by UNESCO, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

This year, at Southwater Junior Academy, children and staff were encouraged to make their own ‘shelfie’ for Book Day; a photo of six books from their own book shelf of their particular favourite books. An intriguing quiz was created where members of staff were asked to take a shelfie of six of their books which would enable the children to guess whose shelfie it was.

This picture was one that was posted onto our school website and the pupils entered a separate quiz made up specifically for their own year group. Every member of staff took part in the fun “Shelfie Quiz”, and an overwhelming number of pupils participated. There was a real buzz about the building, with children discussing books and who they thought would have read them. There were photographs of shelfies around the school on noticeboards, and children brought in their own too.

This exciting activity brought books and reading right into the spotlight for the children. Their enthusiasm for reading, and for discovering new books and trying new authors was spurred on as the days of the competition went by. This was all helped by the thought of the incredible prizes awaiting the classes with the most entries! Apart from the class prizes, over 30 children won a £5 gift voucher for correctly guessing the teachers’ shelfies.

All in all, the Southwater Shelfie Quiz turned out to be perhaps the most popular event arranged for the children arranged in school ever! What would your “shelfie” reveal about you?

Report and picture contributed by Southwater Junior Academy.