Second successful week of give aways from County Times

County Times Big Giveaway Swan Walk Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb
County Times Big Giveaway Swan Walk Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb

A second town centre event to mark the County Times conversion to a compact shape proved even more popular than the first.

Hundreds of readers queued in Swan Walk to receive their gift envelope with another Sony TV going to one of the first people to attend the event.

Readers started queuing for their mystery prize envelope from just after 10.15am last Thursday ready for the big giveaway to start at 11am.

One of the keenest of the crowd was Lisa Bailey, 24, of Littlehaven Lane, Horsham, who won the £300 Sony Bravia TV supplied by the Sony Centre in Swan Walk after joining the queue 30 minutes before the prize giving started.

She said: “I’m shocked. I wasn’t expecting that. I was just hoping for a fiver because I’m skint!

“I’m not normally a lucky person. Well, I did win tickets to the Baftas last week. I’m going to play bingo later so I might win something again!”

The keenest lady in line was Susan Farnes, 53, of Crawley Road, Horsham,who had secured first place in the queue after sitting in the BB’s cafe and watching the County Times stall set up.

“I got here at 10.20,” she said. “I sat and waited for them to set up then came over.”

Brian Hagan, 73, and his wife Denise, 74, from Vale Drive, Horsham, said they were looking forward to winning something after getting lucky in a previous County Times prize giveaway.

“I’ve lived here all my life and have been reading the paper for most of my life,” Brian said. “The new paper is much more manageable. It’s easy to get tied up in the old papers and it looks better and nicely laid out.”

The couple also mentioned that they were very much looking forward to using their 50p fish and chips voucher the following day.

Mary Hampshire, 57, of Gardeners Court, Horsham, is glad that the new compact paper is easier to handle after suffering from a stroke five years ago which affected her movement.

“My physio would always tell me I mustn’t keep stretching my arms because I’ll damage myself,” she said. “The big paper was hurting my arms when I read it but this one is much easier to handle. I’ll be reading it even more now.”

Prizes included Shoreham Airshow 2012 tickets, a free meal at Amberley Castle, two-for-one tickets to the Capitol Theatre, four months’ free subscription to the County Times and lottery tickets.

County Times editor in chief Gary Shipton, who handed out the envelopes, said that once again it was an enormous pleasure to chat to so many readers.

“These events are not just about giving away gifts - good though that is! - it is a tremendous opportunity to discuss with readers changes to the paper and the stories that matter to them most.

“I am delighted that so many people appreciate the new size.

“I would also urge regular readers who are looking for exceptional value for money to take up our annual subscription offer - which means that the average cost of the County Times is only 48p.”

He said that a fish and chip offer in last week’s paper - as well as the huge queues for the Swan Walk events - emphasised the enormous loyalty and support of County Times readers.

“I am told that in just one day nearly 1,000 County Times vouchers were redeemed for the fish and chips,” Mr Shipton said.