School’s community science show

Firework science show at Glebelands School SUS-150902-152837001
Firework science show at Glebelands School SUS-150902-152837001

On Thursday 5th February, Glebelands School hosted its latest Community Science Show, Firework Science – Real Science or Just Bangs? This show was the end of our Community Science Challenge Week and it really did end proceedings with a bang!

The show was presented by Matthew Tosh, a former Physics teacher and Teachers’ TV presenter, who now concentrates in the field of his other passion, stage pyrotechnics and fireworks. Matthew wowed the crowd with different types of fireworks and effects, showing how a production is put together through a combination of different sensory stimuli, such as sound, light and vibrations. At one point setting off a “Maroon” in a bomb tank; causing the whole room to vibrate. As well as lots of other effects such as Gerbs and mines, all of which were accompanied by faces of awe and wonder.

As Glebelands School is a Science and Mathematics specialist school we pride ourselves on the promotion of the STEM subjects to our community and students and these events allow them to see the opportunities available through these subjects. Matthew’s talk had an underlying theme of how he applies science in lots of different ways in order to be able to create the different effects, as well as the other skills needed to be successful in his working environment. He also gave a presentation of the firework shows that he has organised, which also showed what happens behind the scenes.

It was a fantastic evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Report and picture contributed by Mr S Radwanski, Head of Science at Glebelands School.