School PTAs go digital and boost volunteering

Readers' news
Readers' news

Dorset House School in Bury is the latest school to sign up for PTAsocial, hailed as saving frazzled PTA chairs around the country with its easy one-click online volunteering.

The system is designed to help PTAs list tasks, events and volunteering opportunities – from school fairs and cake sales to drinks at a local pub - that parents can sign up to, as and when they are able. PTAsocial keeps all PTA activities and notices in one place.

“This is just what we have been looking for, “ said Claire Blowey, PTA Chair at Dorset House. “We used it to organize a big event recently and had a great response. It’s easier for parents, and we found that many volunteering slots filled up straight away. We can see how many parents to cater for and where we still need help. It also means that we can list all the upcoming events, so up to date information is just a click away.”

PTAsocial works as a secure private network for each school. A login button can be placed on the school website. Users can then join in the school’s PTA activities and parent conversations. Being private, there is no sharing your holiday snaps with the neighbours via public forums such as Facebook.

Prices start at just £75 a year for a school with up to 200 pupils.

For more information about how to sign up for PTAsocial and change the way your school approaches volunteering see or find PTAsocial on Facebook and Twitter.

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