School mark anniversary with moo-ving tribute to architect

Cranleigh School Cow, part of the Surrey Hills Cow Parade
Cranleigh School Cow, part of the Surrey Hills Cow Parade

Cranleigh School has sponsored a Surrey Hills Cow Parade cow to beef up its 150th anniversary celebrations.

Painted by James Nairne and Mark Weighton of the school’s art department, the Woodyer Cow was designed and named after Henry Woodyer, the school’s original architect.

Mr Nairne, Director of Art, said: “Woodyer was an eminent architect in his time. He was commissioned to design the school and he built the oldest parts of our campus, including the fine Neo-Gothic chapel.

“He is less well known these days outside the county and we thought that this year, being our 150th anniversary as well as the 200th anniversary of his birth, it would be appropriate for Cranleigh’s cow to celebrate him.”

Woodyer was born in Guildford and created some of Surrey’s most iconic buildings, including Grafham Grange where he lived and worked. The Woodyer cow reflects his style with red bricks and neo-Gothic features and is currently on show in the school’s grounds as part of the Surrey Hills Cow Parade, billed as the world’s largest outdoor art exhibition.

The Woodyer Cow will be geo-tagged soon and those who are interested can ‘collect’ her on the Surrey Cow Parade App. She will join up with other Surrey cows in September for a grand auction where proceeds will be split between the Surrey Hills Enterprise trust and The Cranleigh Foundation.

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