School leavers reunion tea party at HeadStart Day Nursery

Youngsters at the reunion.
Youngsters at the reunion.

A reunion tea party was at HeadStart Day Nursery in Horsham held on November 1.

They hold this event every year during the Autumn half term holidays.

Sallyanne Kasey , nursery manager, said: “This year we had 13 of our school leavers returning to enjoy a tea party with their old Nursery friends and teachers.

“It is such a fun afternoon as they return in their ‘big school uniforms’ and show us how much they have grown! We also got the oportunity to listen to some of the new songs they had learnt at school.

“We have been holding this reunion for a number of years now and I remember on the first one we planned party games but all the children really wanted to do was play with their old favourite Nursery toys and the other children! ‘’

Pictured here, youngsters at the reunion.