‘Saying hello to the world’

RESOUNDING directness charactersises the images and words of Gary Goodman who exhibits at Arundel’s Zimmer Stewart Gallery from February 26 to March 19.

As James Stewart, who runs the gallery, says, he places the figure at the forefront, unbothered by artistic self-consciousness, ego and politeness, simply saying hello to the world as it passes him by.

“This produces work of intense human understanding that belongs to a lineage of artists that include Jean Dubuffet, Vincent van Gogh, EL Kirchner and Edvard Munch and echoes the profound spiritual beauty and sensitivity of Knut Hamsun, Ingmar Bergman and Arvo Pärt.”

Gary Goodman has exhibited extensively in France, the USA, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and throughout the UK (National Portrait Gallery, Art First, Mall Galleries, Charlston Farmhouse and the Royal College of Art for the Hunting Prize). During 2010 he exhibited at the Menier Gallery, London; Emily Ball at Sea White and Got to be Somewhere Group Show in Brighton.

James added: “Whilst Gary’s main area of work is painting and drawing, he also makes etchings, 3D constructions and artists’ books. In addition, he is a poet, winning several prizes at spoken word performances in the UK, Norway and the USA; has also been invited to participate in international symposia in Estonia, Germany and France; and has undertaken many artist’s residencies and workshops, and won several awards to travel and create new work.

“For the past 20 years Gary has taught on a variety of courses at various universities and colleges and continues to run workshops in printmaking, drawing and painting. Gary Goodman works from his shed at the end of the garden in Sussex.”