Saxon Weald’s 25 flat development

JPCT 180613 S13250120x Dawn Crescent, Upper Beeding, development site -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 180613 S13250120x Dawn Crescent, Upper Beeding, development site -photo by Steve Cobb

A 25 flat development application has been accepted despite the opposition of neighbours who feel it will create parking issues and obscure views of the Downs.

Upper Beeding residents attended the planning committee meeting for the south on Tuesday, June 18, to object to Saxon Weald’s application, claiming it had not provided adequate parking spaces for future tenants and would ‘diasadvantage’ neighbouring buildings.

Adrian Rice who lives on Dawn Crescent, which will provide access to the development’s main entrance, said that one space per flat was not enough.

He said: “There has always been a big problem with parking on Dawn Crescent.”

Mr Rice continued to say that 25 flats would accommodate more than 50 people, therefore the 19 proposed spaces will not be suffice.

Another neighbour Robert Hill who lives in a grade II listed barn conversion beside the development, said: “The so called buggy site is so close to my property it looks as though it is touching.”

He explained that the development site will have views overlooking the River Arun and the Downs.

“But a listed building is being disadvantaged unnecessarily as a result.”

Jim Goddard (Con: Bramber, Upper Beeding and Woodmancote) said: “Parking has always been a potential problem here, but I don’t see an opportunity to improve it .”

Brain Donnelly (Con: Pulborough and Coldwaltham) said: “Mr Rice said it all, there’s always been a problem with parking. Surely we don’t need more evidence than that.

Mr Donnelly suggested cutting down a tree on the site to make room for 30 spaces.

The flats will be available for over 60s in Upper Beeding and surrounding areas.

Horsham District councillors voted to approve the application, but with items to be considered, including allowing residents from further field to apply for a flat, the location of the buggy store and removing the tree for additional spaces.