Saving the leisure centre: your pledges of support

THERE has already been an overwhelming show of public support - expressed through letters, demonstrations, and petitions - to save Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre.

But after Horsham District Council voted to postpone any decision on the centre’s future pending a full business review and consultation, the County Times today urges all campaigners to sign up to this on-line pledge of support.

It will be retained in the News Focus section of the website with all our background reports on the campaign.

All you need to do is sign in and explain in the commenting section what makes the leisure centre special and why you believe it should be retained.

The on-line document will be presented to Horsham District Council in time for their final decision by the Editor of the County Times.

You can use as few or as many words as you wish, and while you can choose any nametag to register we suggest that you sign off your comment with your name and address or partial address (whichever you prefer) to show that the document is authentic.

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