Save Horsham’s ‘favourite tree’

Weeping beech in The Forum, Horsham
Weeping beech in The Forum, Horsham

Should this tree be given extra protection? This is the question raised concerning the weeping beech in Horsham’s The Forum.

Dubbed Horsham’s favourite tree, the tree has stood in the town centre since the 1800s and is a favourite for children to climb. However, this activity has seen it weaken over time and one of the large lower branches has split under the pressure.

The tree sits on land owned by Sainsbury’s and has been partially cordoned off after suffering damage to its branches.

One of those calling for it to have better protection is councillor Christine Costin, who represents Horsham District Council on the organisation Horsham In Bloom.

She said the beech - which once stood in the grounds of Lower Tanbridge School - was unusual because of its ‘weeping’ nature.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said they were looking into the problem.

“We’re sending out a horticulture specialist to examine the tree and surrounding area, so we can determine what works need to be carried out.”

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