Sanctuary welcomes new furry and fluffy friends


Life at an Animal Sanctuary with so many rescued animals is never boring but some weeks are more eventful than others. This week we have been able to take in two more goats, two lady donkeys, seven kittens and two adult cats. Unfortunately as we are always full we have to re-home animals in order to have vacancies. Fortunately four of our Pygmy goats went on to lovely new abodes recently which freed up the space for the two castrated male goats who are Golden Guernseys, very calm and particularly handsome. An Alpine goat and a Toggenberg goat are also needing new owners urgently.

Phoebe and Gretel, two elderly and particularly favourite donkeys died allowing us to take in Thelma and Louise, a mother and daughter whose owner was moving and could no longer keep them. When they arrived Starsky and Hutch, our male donkeys, refused to come in for their evening feed they were so mesmerized by them over the fence but the two girls rather disdainfully turned their backs and simply walked away. Eventually the boys gave up and went in to the barn for their hay.

Finally to add to the nine kittens and pregnant queen (expecting 3 kittens) that we already have another 7 tiny kittens have arrived along with an adult Bengal cross and a black and white long-haired cat. The trouble with the cats and kittens is that as soon as a few get rehomed more come in. This time of year the summer pens are full too (little chalets in cages made by a volunteer) but by the winter they will need to be moved on to new warm homes.

We urgently need homes for the kittens but only to people who are prepared to neuter them. Our pregnant cat is with her 4 month old son from her previous litter. They can get pregnant when the kittens are 9 weeks old so without taking action we would all be over- run with cats in a short space of time. People should think twice before they let their cats have kittens when there are so many needing homes. Of the adult cats we have a pure Siamese called Heidi- a lilac point- and two Bengal crosses who are -unusually for the breed- very sweet though not partial to other cats. They would make fantastic hunters for anyone needing a cat to get rid of vermin. Unfortunately with so many people on holiday now re-homing is slow but please help if you can- we have cats of all colours, shapes and sizes but most of all we pride ourselves in getting the right cat to the right people. For those with children we like them to come and meet the cats so we can see whether they take to each other. For information go to our website or call Di on 07920255045 or Maggie on 079001248416.

We had a most successful visit from students at Seaford College and have a large number of students doing their work experience with us this summer. We are however still wanting male and female volunteers to help with the large numbers of animals and with the practical side of running the Sanctuary. If you can help please write to the website or call Cheryl on 07770667319.

With all the activity at the Sanctuary our vet bills are particularly high at present so we are constantly having to hold fund-raising events. The lovely actress June Whitfield has agreed to come to tea at the beautiful Wiston House near Steyning on August 18th at 2.30 pm She will be interviewed about her life in show business by the eminent director Roger Redfarn and there will be a three tier tea in the Great Hall afterwards. Tickets are available from Allan (after 11am) on 01798812081 or from Jane at