Safety partnership launches campaign to tackle cannabis use

The anti-cannabis campaign poster
The anti-cannabis campaign poster

PARENTS and carers are advised to look out for the side effects that could be suffered by young people as a result of using cannabis as a new campaign launches in the Horsham District.

The Horsham District Community Safety Partnership is launching a cannabis awareness campaign this summer.

The campaign is being launched by the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership in light of an observed increase in cannabis use across young people in the Horsham District.

The local ‘No need for weed’ campaign will be targeted at young people both male and female aged from 14 to 25 across the Horsham District and aims to help young people make the right choice.

Studies have indicated that there is a link between long term mental health problems and early or continued use of cannabis.

This can affect an individual’s ability to access and sustain accommodation and employment or achieve the quality of life they aspire to.

Common side effects suffered by cannabis users include:

-Feeling paranoid or anxious

-Being tired

-Struggling to concentrate

-Running out of money

-Having relationship problems

One 23-year-old male user said: “It starts off as just a laugh with your mates but soon costs more than just money.

“It’s easier to stay off weed than to get off weed.”

Trained professionals are on hand to help people cut down and stop using cannabis. They can give people one to one support and agree and plan goals.

There are plenty of different places to go for help in the local area:

West Sussex Young Persons’ Substance Misuse Service (Under 19s)

01903 230600/07779 339954 or email

Addaction Crawley (18+) 01293 643870

Your local GP (who can help put you in touch with the right people)

FRANK – freephone 0800 776600 or visit||}

Horsham District Wellbeing – 01403 215111 or email

Know Cannabis –

The Information Shop, Y Centre, Albion Way, Horsham

01403 213568 or email

Fearless – Young Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or visit

This campaign is being run by the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership, particularly Horsham District Council, Sussex Police. Also involved is Horsham YMCA