Safe walking navigation courses

safe walking
safe walking

Pied A Terre Adventures, a recently-launched walking and outdoor activity company based in Billingshurst, is providing a range of training courses to educate people about safe navigation.

With more and more people relying on mobile phone apps for navigation, the number of search and rescue calls from lost walkers has risen dramatically over the past couple of years.

Pied A Terre Adventures would like people to recognise the limitations of solely depending on such gadgets and is keen to educate walkers on being better prepared when venturing out.

In addition to offering guided and non-guided walks across the South Downs National Park, Pied A Terre Adventures is now offering a variety of navigation courses to suit all abilities.

Pied A Terre Adventures also offers navigation and orienteering based courses and birthday parties for young explorers.

Kirstie Betts, director of Pied A Terre Adventures, which recently won an award for Best Innovation for Small Business, said: “Pied A Terre Adventures is very proud to be recognised as providers of the nationally accredited National Navigation Award


“Using the stunning new South Downs National Park, our aim is to provide courses and training to anyone who loves exploring the countryside but perhaps is lacking the confidence in using a map and compass to navigate safely and competently.”

For more information contact, visit or call 0845 052 2253.

Contributed by Pied A Terre Adventures.