Safe parking in Horsham

NINE of Horsham’s town centre car parks have been given Park Mark Awards, which certify that they provide police accredited safer car parking.

Following on from the Park Mark Award given to the town’s Forum car park in March, eight other car parks owned and operated by Horsham District Council were assessed recently.

The car parks were inspected by Sussex Police and The British Parking Association to see if they met the Park Mark national standard.

The award certifies that the car parks have good lighting, effective surveillance, quality management and a clean environment.

In addition to the Forum car park, the car parks awarded with Park Mark are Swan Walk, Denne Road, Talbot Lane, North Street (council offices), Horsham Park, North Parade, Hurst Road and London Road.

Neil Worth, Community Safety Officer for the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership, said: “I am delighted that so many of the town centre car parks have been awarded with Park Mark.

“This national award demonstrates that they are well managed, clean and safe places to park.”

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To find out more about parking in Horsham, please visit Horsham District Council’s website