Safe cracking competition gives chance to win a Compass Caravan

The prize caravan for cracking the safe
The prize caravan for cracking the safe

Visitors to Horsham town centre have the chance to win a fantastic prize worth thousands, if they can only crack the code to a safe.

The event on Saturday September 15 gives competitors the chance to win a luxurious new caravan worth over £25,000.

Throughout the event in the Carfax market area, visitors will have the opportunity to crack the six-digit code on the safe.

If the winning combination is entered, the safe will ping open and the keys to the entrant’s new Compass Camino 550 caravan will await.

Organised by Roundstone Caravans the competition is being held to celebrate the arrival of their new Compass range of touring caravans.

Whilst the competition is free to enter, Roundstone Caravans is encouraging participants to make a small donation of their choice.

They are fundraising for Horsham’s Rotary Club, which helps charities and local families across the county.

Rosie Kent, is the owner of Roundstone Caravans and the great-granddaughter of John William Whitehouse, who founded the business in 1930.

She said: “We are very excited to be running this competition to celebrate the arrival of our new Compass caravan range and help raise vital funds for local charities.

“It’s a huge prize to win and hopefully we will be able to give one lucky person the chance to experience the joys of exploring the UK (and even the world) and most importantly help them create lots of wonderful new travel memories.

“On the day, not only are we running this competition but we will also be giving away a number of free treats to Horsham visitors and displaying one of our new Compass caravan models.

“As many people have never considered caravanning before - not realising how the vehicles have evolved over the years and now feature so many of the creature comforts we can no longer leave behind - this is a great opportunity for inquisitive shoppers to explore the new models and see just what they have to offer.”