Rudgwick mum brings Bible story to life in ‘timely’ novel

Rudgwick author Sandy Mitchell with her new book Son of Hilkiyahu and The Voice - picture submitted by Mrs Mitchell
Rudgwick author Sandy Mitchell with her new book Son of Hilkiyahu and The Voice - picture submitted by Mrs Mitchell

Sandy Mitchell has recently published the ‘Son of Hilkiyahu and The Voice’, a historical fiction novel based on the life and teachings of the prophet, as told in the Bible. It has been described by publishers as ‘timely and beautifully written’.

It follows successes with her debut children’s book, the Garden Adventure Series and African Odyssey Writer’s Notebook, an eBook for people wanting to start a book or journal.

Sandy, who has one daughter, Ariyel, said: “I was inspired to write this historical fiction novel about the fifth century based on the biblical book of Jeremiah and accurately researched the era and facts from that time such as pottery making for example, in order to be factually accurate, as well as add flavour to the story.

“I wanted to write about how he might have grown up (fictionally) and at the same time covering historical events of his warnings, the nation at war, imprisonment, exile etc, and bring it up to the 21st century today with a large scale return to the land.”

Born in South Africa, Sandy came to the UK aged 18.

She has travelled the globe and has used her experiences as inspiration for her work.

While on holiday to the Israeli capital this year she spotted it her book on sale in a bookshop and is hopeful for good sales there.

She said: “It was very special and fulfilling to see the books in store but especially in Jerusalem as I visit yearly over 14 years and the book is based there.

“It is still early days for a response towards it out there, however, the publisher has been asked for a copy of the book by a major reviewer and we await reviews.

“I was passed on to this publisher by another and they read the script and responded saying it was a good story that they believe people need to hear and that it was timely and beautifully written with historical fact.”

Each of her three books so far is very different in style. The Garden Adventure Series is a collection of stories aimed at three to five year olds while The African Odyssey Writer’s Notebook is for adults.

She is now working on two more children’s books called Mad Scientist I and II, which follows an 11-year-old boy’s love of science as her grows into an adult.

For more information about her work and to order one of her books go to her website